The Manila Jockey Club is a company with core competence in racing. It has a diversified business portfolio which includes strategic developments in land development, environmental protection and innovative technology. Founded in 1867, it is a leading Filipino enterprise committed to excellence in providing leisure anchored on the values of integrity, innovation, quality of service and concern for people. The Manila Jockey Club aims to enhance value to stakeholders, help build communities and improve lives.


To be the leading Filipino enterprise committed to excellence providing leisure and property development while improving quality of life.


A diversified business with core competence in horse racing and strategic investments in land development, environmental protection, and innovative technology. We aim to enhance value to stakeholders, build communities and help improve lives.


Leadership, integrity, innovation, quality service and concern for people


The Manila Jockey Club was founded in 1867 by the Spanish Governor-General to conduct horse races in the country. The Club started out with 100 exclusive members known as “socio fundadores,” members of affluent families in the country who still dominate the Filipino market today: Ayala, Zobel, Prieto, Tuason, and Elizalde, among others. These sportsmen conducted recreational races for the enjoyment of the social elite. During the American government in 1903, betting was introduced. By 1912, the San Lazaro racetrack and grandstand were built in Sta. Cruz, Manila on a 16 hectare property. MJC was formally incorporated as a business entity in 1937. In the 1950s, the Club was publicly listed with the Manila Stock Exchange. Additionally, thirty five off-track betting stations were set up and racing was broadcasted on TV. Through the leadership of Atty. Alfonso Reyno Jr, a group of investors acquired the controlling interest of MJC from the Prieto family in 1995. By 2003, a world class racing facility was constructed by MJC on a 77 hectare property in Carmona, Cavite.


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